These are the submission guidelines for Writing and Artwork.  Please follow these guidelines or your submission will be rejected automatically without any feedback except to say that you didn’t follow the guidelines. 


  1. Please send your work to our email or upload it through our website.


  1. All communication, including rejection letters or acceptance letter will be done through email. We don’t use Facebook messenger or reply to Facebook comments or use any other social media messenger service.


  1. Please provide your Name, Phone #, and Email in when you submit your work. 


  1. Writing submissions must be edited (at least with Spell Check) and formatted with proper paragraphs, comma use,  and spacing (single spacing is fine).  We expect the writer to edit and revise enough so that it’s ready  to be seen by an audience.  If accepted, then we will format it properly for the printed journal and our website.  We expect  edited work to be sent to us even if it’s not perfect!


  1. We accept only Word Documents, PDF files, or email as long as it’s formatted properly as stated in Guideline #4. 


  1. Artwork, including cartoons, comic strips,  and drawings must be at least 300dpi and 1280 x 720 in pixel size.  And it must be in Black and White unless you only want to feature it on our website.  The printed journal and eBook is black and white printing. If you submit artwork, then you must scan your images on a flat surface.  We do not accept camera phone pictures of your artwork. The artwork cannot have wrinkles and has to be straight and flat.  


  1. We DO NOT publish pornography. If we publish erotica, it will have a parental advisory logo before the story or artwork


  1. Political articles, will be accepted, but you must base them on facts and include your sources, which will be verified by our editors. We fact check all non-fiction articles and we do not publish propaganda  or fake news.


  1. The word limit for any writing submission is 10,000 words.


  1. We do not buy content. We currently do not pay you if your submission if accepted.  This journal is about publishing your work and getting it out into the world. If you require payment for the use of your work, then you will be rejected. 

Please submit your work to